Kindergarten Supply List

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McKenny Elementary
2019-20 Kindergarten Supply List

Student Emergency Kit – The Safety Committee at McKenny has decided that each student should have an Emergency Kit located in their classroom at school. The following is a suggested kit: 1 bottle of water, 1 bottle of juice, 3 nonperishable foods: choice of granola bars, energy bars, fruit roll-up; items for child to use: markers or crayons and paper, book, cards; personal family comfort reminder such as a family photo or letter and 1 large garbage bag.

If possible, please bring the following supplies on the first day of school. Please let us know if this presents a financial hardship for you, and we can make other arrangements. Most of the requested supplies are shared, so you need only mark those indicated.

1 Plastic folder (solid color, no design)

1 box of Kleenex

Antibacterial wipes (Kirkland brand preferred)

24 Pencils (pre-sharpened)

2 pink erasers

1 Black sharpie marker

1 pack of dry erase Expo Markers

3 boxes of crayons (Crayola preferred, traditional colors)

2 boxes of markers  (Crayola preferred, traditional colors)

1 plastic pencil box

1 pair of scissors (blunt tip, Fiskars brand)

1 box of gallon ziplock bags (Boys only)

1 box of sandwich size bags (Girls only)

4 large glue sticks

1 bottle of Elmer’s glue

1 package of baby wipes

1 set of Crayola watercolors (8 ct, traditional colors)

1 ream of white copy paper 1 Change of clothes in plastic bag in backpack 1 Healthy snack item (goldfish, pretzels, applesauce)

BACK PACK – Large enough to hold library books and a pocket file folder, but not so large that it is hard for your child to manage. This should come to and from school daily. Please label with a permanent marker. This item is very important. If finding or purchasing this is difficult please let us know.

1. Please label all outer garments (coats, hats, sweaters, boots) with your child’s full name.
2. Please label all notes with teacher’s name and child’s name.
3. Please label all envelopes containing money with teacher’s name, child’s name, and purpose.
4. If your child will be traveling home in a different manner than usual, or will be picked up by someone different, the school must be notified. Please send a note.