Kindergarten Supply List

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Kindergarten Supply List


IMPORTANT: Student Emergency Kit

The Safety Committee at McKenny has decided that each student should have an Emergency Kit located in their classroom at school. The following is a suggested kit:

  • 1 bottle of water
  • 1 bottle of juice
  • 3 nonperishable foods:
  • choice of granola bars, energy bars, fruit roll-up
  • items for child to use: markers or crayons and paper, book, cards
  • personal family comfort reminder such as a family photo or letter
  • 1 large garbage bag.


Classroom Supplies

Please bring your supplies to your WA-kids conference before school starts.

Let us know if this presents a financial hardship for you, and we can make other arrangements. Most of the requested supplies are shared, so you need only mark those indicated.

  • 1 box of facial tissue

  • 1 pencil box 1 pink eraser

  • 1 pack dry erase markers (black)

  • 2 boxes of crayons (24 pack is plenty) 

  • 2 boxes broad tip markers (10 pack is plenty) 

  • 1 pair of children's scissors

  • 6 LARGE glue sticks

  • 2 primary composition books with space to draw

  • 1 white t-shirt that will fit all year

  • 1 backpack- large enough to fit library books, a folder, and a change of clothes

  • (accidents/messes happen)

  • 1 box quart sized plastic bags

  • 2 bottles foaming hand soap

  • 1 box of jumbo pencils

  • 1 Ream white copy paper 


Labeling and Notes

  • Please label all outer garments (coats, hats, sweaters, boots) with your child’s name.
  • Please label all notes with teacher’s name and child’s name.
  • If your child will be traveling home in a different manner than usual, or will be picked up by someone different, the school must be notified. Please send a note, call the office at 360-596-8400, or email the attendance line at [email protected]