FORKIds Food Bag Information

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FORKids Food Bag Information

Hello McKenny Families!

The Thurston County Food Bank, in conjunction with the local school districts, has a program called FORKids. FORKids provides Weekend Food Bags for children and families in need.

FORKids Weekend Food Bags ensure that students have kid-friendly food items that they can eat with minimal adult support if needed over the weekend. The food bags are delivered to schools and given to students on Fridays. Typically, the bags contain two breakfast items, two lunch items, one dinner item, and three to four snacks.

Students and their younger siblings can sign up to get a food bag. If there are also middle and high school siblings, please contact their school and ask about a similar program.

If the FORKids program would be helpful to you and your family, please either fill out this form and send it back to school or you can email/call me directly to let me know you would like to sign up. The information will be kept confidential and names are not shared with the Food Bank.

Please also indicate if you would like to sign up for Free Lunch for this school year, a separate form will be sent home if so. 

If you have questions about this program, please contact Heather Daley, Counselor for McKenny Elementary School, at 360-596-8404

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Would you like to sign your student up for Free Lunch? Yes____ No____