Placement Consideration 2021-22

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2021-22 Placement Consideration Form


Placement Consideration Form.pdf

McKenny Elementary School is dedicated to developing and supporting a responsible, caring, and joyful learning community.  We believe that our school will work well when staff, students, and parents work as a team, sharing the planning and education of our children.  In support of this belief, our commitment is to work carefully to place every child in a class where we feel they will do well as individuals and, at the same time, a class where they will be able to work well with other students.  Many factors are considered in this placement:


            *  academic needs and strengths 

            *  level of supervision needed to stay on task

            *  behavioral needs and strengths

            *  a child’s peer group needs

            *  social needs

            *  a child’s learning style (works best with more or less structure)

            *  balance of boys and girls in the classroom

            *  balance of leaders, non-leaders

            *  even balance of children of all achievement levels

            *  balance of class size throughout the school


Classroom assignments will be made by a team including classroom teachers, principal, social service coordinator, and other staff as applies.  The team will use all available information to determine placement.  If you believe your child needs special consideration beyond the criteria listed above, we encourage your input as we begin planning for next year. Please keep in mind how well the staff knows your child and the extended information we have regarding the criteria above. If you do decide to fill out the Placement Consideration Form.pdf, it will be only one piece of information used by the team.

To ensure that there are no misunderstandings, we cannot guarantee that your child will be given a specific assignment but, we will make every attempt to incorporate your input into the final destination. Also, we ask that you please do not request a specific teacher.


Please return your COMPLETED form to the office no later than Friday, June 4, 2021.